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Toshiba 32D1753DB

Toshiba 32D1753DB is a TV with DVD and built in digital tuner (to see Freview HD). It has a big 32 inch diagonal and the resolution is 1366×768 pixels (720p). Some would have liked a TV with Full HD resolution but from the distance you don’t see the difference.

Toshiba 32D1753DB

It has a good price, and for the money we get a TV with only the needed features. From the below picture you can see that it is a black color device so that it integrates perfect in any rooms (black goes with anything). Also, there are some alternatives on white but without the DVD.


Toshiba 32D1753DB has a medium to big screen size, meaning that you can see movies and TV shows at a good quality.
The power consumption is low, this TV having a low power consumption because of the A+ energy efficiency class.
To reduce the used space this TV can be mounted on a wall (it has Vesa 200×100).
On the ports and connections part this device has 3 HDMIs, VGA (also known as VGA or D-Sub). Also, for movies from USB sticks or external sticks this model has USB.
The built-in DVD is for those interesting in watching movies at the best quality. A good alternative to this is the possibility to watch movies from USB or an external player.


It’s not a smart TV, so you can’t see entertainment from the web (Youtube, Netflix etc) and it does not have wi-fi or LAN.
Screen resolution is HD, not Full HD or 4K. For fost people a higher resolution is not important because from the distance you don’t see the difference.


If you need a better TV for shows and Freeview than this model would be my recommendation. There are alternatives to it, but this model is best because it comes from a good brand and is very easy to use.
Reliability of this device is very good, meaning that this device will have a long life and this is sustained by the warranty.

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