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TCL 32D100, 32-Inch 720p LED TV with USB media player

This TCL 32D100 is a great TV for home entertainment because it has decent specs. You do not need to connect an external media player because it has an integrated media player that plays audio or photo files. Even if it is not a very popular brand, the design of the TV is quite pleasant. It can be mounted on any wall with a compatible wall mount. You can buy them together or separately if you are not decided. Image quality is great with Direct LED technology and there are similar TVs that have it. To get the desired quality, you need to make some image settings.

TCL 32D100, 32-Inch 720p LED TV with USB media player

Small TVs can be installed in the living room or bedroom, but the size of the room and the viewing distance must be taken into account. Its accessories are standard, which is why you need to buy cables if you want to connect something to it.


Cheap TVs do not offer a Smart interface, but you do not look for that. Only very large TVs (like OLEDs) have a narrow design and you probably won’t notice it if you put it on the wall.

Why you should consider buying it?

This TCL 32D100 offers 3 HDMI ports so you can connect a PC, laptop, console, phone or external player. It costs very little, and if the diagonal is nor larger enough, you can choose one of two larger models (40 or 49 inches). The screen resolution is perfect for its diagonal – 32 inches, and the larger models offer a Full HD experience but only if you choose a corresponding content (same quality). If you want a 4K resolution TV, for example, I would recommend a TV with a 55-inch diagonal. The 120Hz CMI technology can improve your viewing experience because the picture is more fluent no matter what you’re watching, a movie or a soccer match.

The built-in digital tuner provides better TV content at no cost – HD channels. The thin bezzels make the TV smaller so it can occupy less space on the furniture or on the wall, depending where you choose to put it.

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