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Sony Bravia KDL49WE753

Sony Bravia KDL49WE753 is a 49 inch premium TV that has Full HD display and HDR support. Such a device is for those interested in watching Freeview (digital transmissions), 1080p movies or content from stream.

Sony Bravia KDL49WE753

It has a good price. The design of the TV is very good because it has cable management and a slim frame.


It’s a modern TV with Internet ports (ethernet and wifi) so that you can use the smart feature for browsing the web or watching movies.
The Operating System is a smart one based on Linux and the browser is Opera. You can install apps from the Opera Store because the television has this store.
Sound is ok because it’s stereo with dts support. For a better sound I recommend a sound system with subwoofer or something like it.
Power consumption is minimal, being 92kWh per year (KDL43WE753 has a lower power consumption because of the 43 inch screen). This mention is for those interested in small electricity bills. In standby the consumption is 0.5W and when networked (wi-fi or LAN) it’s 3W. This said I must mention that the energy class is A+.
For Freeview we have a digital tuner of type DVB T2/C.
This Sony Bravia KDL-49WE753 has a nice remote control with dedicated keys for Youtube and Netflix. So, you can access the dedicated apps very fast.


Has no bluetooth connectivity. This would have been useful for connecting a keyboard or something like it.
The W3753 series has no 4K resolution but from the distance you don’t see the difference.


Foe someone interested in a simple to use TV I recommend the KDL49WE753BU. It is a premium TB with HDR and the best image quality.
A preview of this TV can be seen from below, but keep in mind that the OS is Opera TV Store and some apps and features depend on the country,

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  • marcus

    I own a 49we753 model an must say it’s enough. Has many cool features and I use it for movies, ps4 and Freeview. Image quality is as expected… very good.

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