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Sony Bravia KD49XE8004

The Sony Bravia KD49XE8004 is a TV for those interested in something with a big display, good hardware and software. The resolution of the screen is 4K and the OS is Android (so that you have access to many apps).
Sony has always been a premium manufacturer and with this product we see that it still is. Not everyone has the education to (know to) choose a premium device, but if you read this preview than you are between those who want a premium and reliable device.

Sony Bravia KD49XE8004

This device has a good price and for this money we get a very nice TV from all viewing points. For example it has an slim alu bezel and the stand is a gun-metallic one. If you’re interested in a variant with a smaller screen than there is the 43 inch one.


Televisions like the KD49XE8004 from Sony are very good for entertainment from different sources (USB sticks, external drives, players, Internet, cable etc).
The screen offers a very good image quality and for this we must thank the 4K resolution, the triluminos display, the multiple enhancement technologies (some, or the most, are software).
It has a very nice design and it will look better if you mount it on a wall bracket.


In my opinion there are no downsides. This TV is perfect or near to perfection. Has Android Operating System and the hardware is the best so that everything runs smooth. If you bought this TV and don’t like something at it then I want to hear from your in the comment section.


If you’re interested in a TV that looks good, has great image quality and can show entertainment from every possible source (console, PC, Internet, Netflix, Youtube, external players) than this XE80 series model would be my recommendation.
More infos and features of this series you can see from the below preview.

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  • trick

    As the author said this is a very good TV. I use it for gaming and TV shows and everything goes fine. Mine is not mounted on the wall but I plan to mount it in the future so that the living room is more clean.

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