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Sharp LC-43UI7352K, 4K Ultra HD Smart TV

This Sharp LC-43UI7352K isn’t a small TV because you can compare it with fours 21-inch monitors. It has a great design with those slim stands and you can choose one of many models (even with a 65 inch screen). I am talking about the same series but with different screen sizes and the same specs. This has a Smart gadget with Aquos Net+ software that is developed by the same brand and it can be found on many TVs. It is above a standard TV because you can choose media content from different sources. Compared to a standard TV, it has a lot of special features (most of them are due to its software).

Sharp LC-43UI7352K, 4K Ultra HD Smart TV


A large TV has a decent audio output offered by Harman Kardon and it should be placed in a corresponding room, like a living room. You can watch your favorite movies at a higher video quality and with a much clearer imagine thanks to 4K HDR technology. Expensive series offer more technologies for a home cinema experience and I would use a 5.1 sound system with media player or a classic 2.1 sound system in case you don’t want to play movies from a different source.

In the picture above you can see the most common apps and they are plenty so you don’t get bored. A smart TV is something different, that is why is costs more than a classic model. It has a LAN connection if you prefer the cable or built-in WiFi for those who use a wireless router.


If you consider that it is too small foe a Ultra HD resolution, I recommend at least the 55-inch TV.


If you don’t have space for this Sharp LC-43UI7352K, it can be placed on the wall like any other TV, but the mounting kit must be compatible. Most TVs come with a Freeview HD tuner, so you can watch standard and HD content without using an internet connection. Netflix is one of those services that offer 4K content for a small monthly subscription.

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