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Sharp LC-32HI3321K, 2018 model with Freeview HD

If you are interested in a good TV from a well known brand then a model such as Sharp LC-32HI3321K would be great. I think it will be the choice of many because it has a 32-inch wide screen and a Freeview HD tuner, so you can enjoy HD and standard channels for free, don’t forget this services offers even radio stations. It is a perfect TV for those who are looking for a non-Smart TV with decent specs. It does not cost too much because it is a classic model but that was launched this year, so its features are up to date.

Sharp LC-32HI3321K, 2018 model with Freeview HD


The specs are good for this budget and you don’t need something different because you will use it only for TV programs that has a HD resolution. Even it was Full HD, at a certain distance you would not see a big difference between HD and Full HD. Imagine quality depends even on the chosen content and you can play it from various sources.

The ports are plenty so you can connect an external media player, PC or gaming console to it. Of course, its integrated multimedia player can play media files from a USB stick or you can the recording function, so you don’t miss something. Newer TVs very a lightweight design, similar to a monitor.


The sound is quite clear but not powerful enough for a spacious place so you can connect a home cinema system for a better multimedia experience or a classic sound system. I can not complain very much for such a small price.


Sharp LC-32HI3321K is one of two models, the other one has a white finish. Among the things I like about this TV are the sound, imagine and build quality.  Because it costs very little, you will not have any problems buying some multimedia peripherals (like the ones mentioned above). For a much larger budget, you can buy a 24, 32 or 40 inch TV with OS, internet connectivity and a lot of apps from the same brand.

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