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Sharp LC-32HI3221KW, HD Ready LED TV

The Sharp LC-32HI3221KW TV is a white model with HD Ready screen resolution, many ports, integrated multimedia player and Freeview HD tuner. It addresses people who are looking for an average diagonal model for HD movies and TV channels. The Freeview service offers many channels at a good video quality, but most of them are standard and it is fine for a free service. This TV is aiming users with small expectations because it is modest model without Smart software.

Sharp LC-32HI3221KW, HD Ready LED TV


It does not have a high purchase price because it has standard specs and I can’t complain. For this money you get a 2018 TV with elegant design and few brand offer such solutions. Most TVs available on the market have a large screen, Smart software and a lot of technologies, so they are really expensive.

The 32 inch diagonal is big enough for a bedroom, kitchen or small lounge. It is equipped with decent speakers but for a better sound quality I recommend a classic sound system with woofer. The integrated player can run multimedia files and I am referring to music, videos or photo files. Of course, it doesn’t support all media formats, but only the most commonly used. You can choose to mount it on the wall with a compatible kit and it is really cheap.


Nothing to complain, you will get a lot of useful features for a small budget. Integrated speakers can’t be that powerful because of its size, but you can consider some peripherals for a better user experience.


Sharp LC-32HI3221KW is a great TV for a small room and sound quality is decent if you don’t listen to music on it. You can connect it to an external media player or even a gaming console if you don’t got a monitor for it. Of course, a Full HD TV would be even better for playing games. There is even a black model with same specs and price, in case a white TV would not fit in the room or you will not like it.

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