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Sharp LC-32DHF4041K

Sharp LC-32DHF4041K is a TV witha 32 inch screen (aprox 80-81 cm) and with HD resolution (1366×768 pixel). It’s a solution for those who want a simple TV with DVB-T tuner (also known as Freeview in the UK).

Sharp LC-32DHF4041K

It has a good price and for this money we get a TV with 3 HDMI ports, good image quality and good sound (Harman Kardon audio).


The television is one with A+ energy efficiency class and this means that is consumes less power than old TVs. For example i0t consumes 45 kWh per year with the usage of 4 hours per day, 365 days.
If you have a big collection of DVDs than this model allows you to watch them because of the build in DVD player.
It has an integrated digital tuner of type DVB-T so that you can watch Saorview (Ireland) and Freeview (UK). Also, it comes with “7 day guide” and it has a dedicated button on the remote control named “TV Guide”. You can record shows with the USB Record function, but you need a high speed USB stick.
The device comes with a user manual and I recommend that you read it or look at the pictures that show how to attach the stand.

The good and the bad

The good things about this LC-32DHF4041K from Sharp are the HD tuner, the good sound, that it’s HD Ready and that it is easy to use.
Things that could be better are the lack of FHD or UHD resolution and that it has no smart OS (Android, Tizen or Opera TV Store).

If you’re in search for a cheap TV to watch shows or make it a gift for your parents than this model would be for you. But, if you want something to browse the web on it and watch Netflix than you must search for a more expensive model.
The TV comes from a good brand from Japan, but you should know that it’s produced by UMC Slovakia.
If you have a question don’t hesitate to read the FAQ in the manual or leave a comment below.

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