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Sharp LC-32CFG6241K

Sharp LC-32CFG6241K is a Smart TV with a big 32 inch screen for those intested in a device not too expensive and with good specs. With this model you can watch movies from Netflix and visit you favorite sites (Youtube, BBC etc).

Sharp LC-32CFG6241K

This model from the CFG6241K series has a good price and for the money we get a device with good reliability. If you want a cheaper model than you can go with a non smart model like this LC-32DHF4041K.


The integrated player is a good one and can play many types of files. It has dts so that there is sound with *.mkv files.
I was saying that it’s smart and you must know that there is a dedicated Netflix button on the remote control.
Has many HDMIs (two are normal and the third is with MHL support). This TV can be used as a monitor and for that you need to connect the laptop to it via first VGA/PC In or via one of the 3 HDMIs. (For different connections I recommend that you read the user manual so that you don’t do something wrong.)
You can watch Freeview HD with it and if you want to use it for HD programs from cable than there is a CI Card In slot.


The screen resolution is not 4K, but from the distance there is no difference between FHD and UHD (also known as 4K).
The OS is not Android, but a simple one with pre-installed apps from popular services.


If you want to buy a TV that shows a good image and has a good energy efficiency class than this model Sharp LC-32CFG6241K would be my recommendation because it has A+ class.
The image is good because it has 1920×1080 pixel resolution, a big screen (about 81 cm) and a good panel (good viewing angles)
The brand is also important because it is one with a long history. It was founded in 1912 and because of that we know that we get a device from a brand than know how to make TVs.

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