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Samsung UE32K5100

The Samsung UE32K5100 is a 32 inch TV that has good viewing angles and a good media player. With this TV you can watch movies, TV shows at HD quality (because of the DVB-T tuner). The integrated player is one that allows you to watch movies, pictures and even listen to *.mp3 music.
A television like this is for those in search for a simple TV. Even if it’s not Smart it can be used for Netflix or browsing the web with the Fire Stick (a small USB stick that costs little).

Samsung UE32K5100

This Samsung UE 32K5100 TV has a good price and for the money we get a TV that can be put on the wall via a wall mount bracket. From the below image you can see how this model looks like and that the bezel is very thin.


On the specs side this UE32K5100 model comes with a great 32 inch screen (81 cm), good viewing angles and many ports (1 USB and 2 HDMI). The HDMIs can be used to connect a laptop (you can use the TV as a monitor) and the USB is for connecting an USB or external hard drive. The picture quality is good because the model has the PQI (PQI meaning picture quality index) of 200.
It does not consume too much power because it has A+ power efficiency class and this means a 55kWh per year.

Pros and cons

The good things about this product are the screen, the reliability, that it looks nice, the low power consumption and that it can be mounted on the wall.
The only two things that I don’t like about it are the lack of smart OS and that the screen does not have 4K resolution.

If you want a TV for yourself or for your children than this model would be my recommendation. As said in the beginning.
Below you can see how this model looks like and if you’re interested in what the guy says than you can activate the captions (the CC button) and translate to English.

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