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Razer Blade Stealth RZ09-02393E31-R3U1, office laptop with great RGB keboard

This Razer Blade Stealth named RZ09-02393E31-R3U1 is one of few office laptops from this brand because most of them have a dedicated GPU. It comes with a QHD+ touchscreen display so you don’t need any tablet. This versions has a small screen to be lighter. You can choose between models with different storage and CPU, but the price is high for some budgets. If you are looking for a bigger  model, choose the Blade Pro with 17.3 inch screen. The GTX 1060 can be enough for most popular titles and you don’t need to choose ultra settings.

Razer Blade Stealth RZ09-02393E31-R3U1, office laptop with great RGB keboard


A display with touch can help you while browsing and when you can’t use a mouse. Even if it doesn’t have a GTX video card, it offers great performance due to its Core i7 CPU. Its a Laky Lake R with 4 cores which can be good even for gaming. Every program can start in few seconds because of the SSD drive which has a storage of 256GB. Windows 10 is a good choice if you buy a laptop without it and it can be reinstalled with a USB drive. I really like the black finish with the green logo and you can set the keys on any color (cheap laptop offer only one option).


You can find many laptops from many brands with same specs but they don’t look so good and this keyboard is much better. Battery life depends on choice (the one above has a 53.6Wh battery), how you use it and the settings.


Razer Blade Stealth it’s just a recommendation that you should consider and your budget must be high. Only the Razer Pro offers a 4K image with G-Sync, a lot of RAM, 99Wh battery and other great stuff. Gaming laptops can’t be cheat if you look for portable solution or a perfect desktop replacement with big screen. In comparison with other brands, Razer offers a different experience for a different price but if you aren’t a fan, a cheaper laptop can be bought even for playing games.

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