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Onebot V32FL

Onebot V32FL is a monitor for those interested in a curved solution with a diagonal of 31,5 inch and a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixel.
It’s a multimedia monitor because of the 5ms response time and good viewing angles (good thing to have for watching movies).

Onebot V32FL

It does not cost too much because it has a good price. For this money we get a new gen monitor with a very good design.


The MVA panel is like the IPS one because the viewing angle is 178 degree. So we get a very good panel at a lower cost.
This Onebot V32FL has a good design because of the frameless screen. The new 2017/2018 trend is to have monitors and TVs with a small frame.
Your eyes are protected, this monitor having low blue light technologies. It’s like a hardware f.lux. No one stops you to install a program like f.lux for additional eye protection.
It can be used for games because it has flicker free tech. But, keep in mind that this monitor is not a gaming one.


I would have liked 4K resolution because 4K tends to be the new standard, but because of the FHD resolution it is much cheaper than an UHD monitor.


If you want a new monitor that has a curved design and a small frame than this V32FL model from Onebot is my recommendation.
The reliability of this monitor is very good because you get warranty and have return policy.
If you don’t know too many things about Onebot than you must know it’s a good manufacturer of monitors and AIO (all-in-one) PCs. The built quality is very good and their devices are built to last.

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  • Xany

    The MVA panel is a new type that premium manufacturers use. A such manufacturer is Philips and they use such technology because it is as good as IPS or PLS (Samsung).
    There are many videos on the net that compare MVA with IPS and you can’t tell the difference.

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