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MSI GV72 7RE 831UK

MSI GV72 7RE 831UK is a MSI GE72 7RE (2017) Apache Pro series model powered by an i7 processor, 1050Ti graphics card and 17.3 inch screen with 1080p resolution. Because of the built quality and of the components this model is one for those interested in a notebook PC for gaming or a desktop replacement.

MSI GV72 7RE 831UK

It has a very good price and for that we get a laptop full of features.


Portability is more than great considering that this is a 17.3 inch model. So, it has a 2.2kg weight and a battery than can last up to 4 hours.
On the connections and ports part it stands very good because it has 4 USBs, bluetooth, wi-fi ac, Gigabit LAN, card reader and HDMI.
As said, the screen is a big one and because of that it has a 1920×1080 pixel resolution. With this we have a great image quality in games and movies.
The memory is very good because we’re talking about 8GB of RAM, a video card with 2GB of memory and enough storage (an SSD with 128GB and an HDD with 1TB).
On the software side it has Windows 10. Because of this OS all games will work fluent and everything will be fluent. Some might want to install Windows 7, but I recommend that you stick to the one pre-installed because 7 might be buggy and won’t run smooth on this device.
Sound is more than good because we’re talking about 4 speakers.


The screen resolution could have been 4K, but nobody stops you from connecting an external screen for watching movies at 4K.


MSI GV72 7RE 831 UK is a laptop for those who want a laptop for various tasks that will lasts many many years.
How it looks like can be seen from the video preview from below.
Probably one of the most important things of this laptop are the screen (one with 120Hz, 1080 resolution and good viewing angles) and the keyboard (from SteelSeries).

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