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MSI GV62 7RC-224UK (9S7-16JD32-224)

MSI GV62 7RC-224UK (9S7-16JD32-224) is a laptop for gaming and multimedia purposes. It has a 15 inch screen with 1080p resolution (the panel is TN) and the processor powering the laptop is i5-7300HQ (a quad core model).

MSI GV62 7RC-224UK (9S7-16JD32-224)

It has a good price and for the money we get a device that is very good at demanding tasks. From the below image you can see better how it looks like and at the end there’s a clip.


Portability is decent because of the small weight of 2.2kg and the battery that can last up to 4 hours. This small weight is possible because it has no DVD drive and the used materials are light.
The pre-installed OS is Windows 10 and so we have better security and a laptop that is easy to use. If you want to install Windows 7 I think that it won’t be so stable compared to 10.
On the memory part this model has 8GB of RAM and SSD for storage (the capacity is 128GB). Also, for storage it has an 1TB had drive.
It has many ports and connections including 4 USBs, wireless dual band (wi-fi ac) and HDMI.
The display is decent, being a 15.6 inch one with Full HD resolution. The notebook has the capability to output image at 120Hz on an external display.
If was to talk about software than you should know that the device has Windows 10 and some software preinstalled (Office and a security suite).


The graphics card powering this model is a GeFroce MX150, not a GTX 1050 or something newer from the 1000 series.
It comes with a TN panel that has better response time than an IPS, but the viewing angles are not so great.


The MSI GV62 7RC-224UK (9S7-16JD32-224) laptop is for those in search for a laptop that looks more than great and has good specs.
From the below preview you can see how it looks like and what you can do with it.

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