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MSI GP73 Leopard 8RE-062UK, 17.3-inch gaming laptop with 120Hz 3ms display

This MSI GP73 Leopard 8RE-062UK laptop is one of the most interesting portable solutions you can find on the market from MSI. I say this because it comes with the latest Intel CPU – i7 8750H, and you get a lot of features: RGB keyboard from SteelSeries, two speakers with two woofers, SSD + HDD, a 120Hz 3ms panel, Cooler Boost 5 cooling system. It does not make sense to invest too much in a laptop that you may want to change in the next few years. So a £1000 laptop can be enough for most tasks and games.

MSI GP73 Leopard 8RE-062UK, 17.3-inch gaming laptop with 120Hz 3ms display


I think the Intel Core i7 8750H processor with GTX 1060 3GB will perform decent in most games and you will get the desired fps and details (medium to max settings). The CPU is very important because there are plenty some processor based games. Even if it’s built for games, it can be used for other heavy tasks, like professional applications. The imagine is very clear due its screen with high refresh rate and small response time – 120 Hz 3 ms.

When we talk about a gaming laptop, we do not want a portable model, but a laptop with powerful hardware and excellent features. Of course, inside temperatures must be constant so performance won’t be affected. It uses two types of storage media – HDD and SSD, but the future belongs to SSDs because they are fast and M.2 variants are even smaller (the ones with NVMe support offer better performance).


An investment for many years is a model with a GTX 1080 video card, but you will exceed the budget (exceeds £2000). So a laptop is a little more expensive than a PC and you don’t get the same hardware. Otherwise, I can’t complain about its performance for those dimensions.


MSI GP73 8RE-062UK has various ports and you get the chance even to connect a TV, but you have a decent display with amazing specs. Perhaps a PC is a bit more powerful than a laptop, but the difference is not that big when you consider the monitor as well.

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