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MSI GL72M 7RDX 2073UK is a 17.3 inch laptop powered by a 7 generation processor with 4 cores and GTX 1050 graphics card. It’s a gaming laptop, but can be used for those who are performing video edits or demanding tasks.
With such a laptop not only you get great performance but more than decent portability (weight is 2.2kg and battery lasts up to 5 hours).


This GL72M 7RDX-2073 laptop has a good price considering that it can be used for home or professional use. For example this notebook supports 4K output to 2 external monitors. This feature is good if you want to edit videos or do light CAD.


The screen of this laptop is superb having a 1080p resolution and a diagonal of 17.3 inches. Keep in mind that this model comes in multiple variations and there are some optional features like the 120Hz refresh rate and the 17.3 inches display.
Gaming on this model is ergonomic because of the screen and the keyboard that is made by Steelseries. Also, the keys are illuminated with pure color backlighting.
On the processing part it comes with an i5 quad core processor that comes from the 7th generation. This CPU is helped in games by the Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card with 4GB of memory.
RAM is more than enough, this model having 8GB of DDR4. If it had only 4GB than the graphics card would had bottleneck.
On the storage part it comes with generation 3 SSD storage. This means speeds up to 2200 MB/s.


The resolution is not 4K, but it can output 4K to external monitors… as mentioned above.
Processor could have been an i7 like the one in this model. The i7 is a little more powerful than the i5.


MSI GL72M 7RDX 2073UK is a laptop for those who like to play games or are in need for a laptop that can handle anything.
How it looks like can be seen from the below preview. Also, you can see that the design is simple and modern.

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