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MSI GL63 8RC-070UK (9S7-16P612-070)

The MSI GL63 8RC-070UK (9S7-16P612-070) is a laptop for those interested in a device that has new hardware and looks good. It has a new i5 processor (model i5-8300H) with 4 cores.
It can be used for demanding tasks (a workstation) and for games.

MSI GL63 8RC-070UK (9S7-16P612-070)


The hardware of this gaming laptop is very good because we’re talking about an i5-8300H processor, more than enough storage (more on that below) and good graphics.
The processor is an i5 from the 8th generation. Compared to the i5-7300HQ it has 10-20% better performance and uses less power.
On the memory part it has 8GB of RAM type DDR4 and a big storage. This is represented by an 1TB hard drive and an 128GB SSD drive (of type M.2 on NVME PCIe Gen3).
You can play games from the first time you get it because it has Windows 10 Home preinstalled. In other countries such laptops don’t come with Windows, but in the UK all have Windows.
If we’re talking about graphics you shoud know that the laptop has a GTX 1050 graphics card with 2GB of memory.
Portability is decent with a weight of about 2.2kg and a battery that can last up to 2-3 hours or even more… depending on what you do on it. This laptop has 4 modes like Turbo Mode, Sport Mode, Comfort Mode and Eco Mode. Depending on them you get different performance and power consumtopn.
The sound is awesome because it has Giant Speaker, meaning that the laptop has speakers that are 5 times bigger than others and with a better quality.
Ergonomics is good, if we’re talking about the keyboard. We have a Steelseries keyboard with optimum WASD zone.


The screen resolution is only FHD (1920×1080 pixels), but mabe you don’t need more fore a 15.6 inch screen.


This MSI GL63 8RC-070UK (9S7-16P612-070) is a notebook for those interested in a desktop replacement with good specs.
There are alternatives tot this portable PC but still I recommend this for a 800-900 pound budget because it’s very reliable.

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