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LG 49UH661V

The LG UH661V 49UH661V is a new one from the year 2016 and it’s for those who want a TV that looks great and has
The TVs are available in different sizes like 43, 49, 55 and 65 inches so that anyone can buy the perfect TV for his living room.
Some features that are included in this TV are the 4K resolution, HDR support (for better colors an overall quality) and the webOS Operating System (it’s an award wining OS).

LG 49UH661V

The TV’s that come from this series don’t cost too much because it has only the best basic features.

The people with a small room will choose the 43UH661V and 49UH661V models, and the ones who have bigger rooms will go with the 55UH661V and 65UH661V. As said from in the first paragraph, the only difference between the models is the diagonal size.

The good

The screen is one with 3840×2160 pixel resolution and IPS panel. This panel type allows you to have the best viewing angles and colors.
If Samsung has the PQI (Picture Quality Index), LG TVs have PMI (Picture Mastering Index) and for this model it’s 1200.
Even if you don’t have 4K content, this model will upsale it with the 4K Upscaler.
The OS is an advanced one with web browser, apps and a good media player.
The processor from this model is a quad core one so that you don’t have any lag in streaming, upscaling or watching 4K movies.
If you are concerned with the power consumption than you must know that the TV has Eco mode and the screen consumes not so much power because of the LED screen.
The integrated digital tuner is a triple one of type DVB T2/C/S2. T2 is for Freeview HD, S2 for Freesat and C is for cable.
With this TV you will have full speed on the Internet with the wireless ac standard that allows downloads up to Gigabit speed (but the router must be at a not so big distance – max 10 meter).

The bad

The screen is not curved. This could have been good for better viewing angles.
It has only 2 RF In ports (for antena), but I think that 3 would have been perfect. Keep in mind that 90% TVs have only one RF In.


This series is for those interested in a model with the newest tech so that you can enjoy entertainment from any source at the best quality.
Below you can see how this model looks like. (If you don’t like how the stand looks like than the UH603V series has a different type, and the LG 43UH603V model is a good alternative.)

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