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LG 43UH603V

For those interested in a cheap 4K TV with good reliability and features I recommend the LG 43UH603V. It has features like HDR, Netflix app, Freeview support and a good OS.
This model is suitable for advanced and novice (seniors) users.

LG 43UH603V

It’s not so expensive because you can get it if you have a budget of about 400 pound. For this money we get a very advanced TV with many useful features. In the past years a TV like this would have cost above 1000 pound.

The hardware is very good because it allows yu to stream 4K quality transmissions from your favorite providers (Netflix, Youtube etc). These days it’s important to choose a television that has Internet ports and smart OS.

The good

The image quality is the best because of the UHD resolution and good panel (IPS one that). If you have content in HDR quality than this TV will play it because of the HDR Pro support.
It consumes not too much energy and because of that it has A+ class. It has even Eco mode so that it can consume less power, but about this you can read from the user manual. The TV consumes about 77 kWh per year when operating 4 hours per day for 365 days a year.

The bad

The Operating System is not Android (Android has more games and apps). In my opinion, webOS is in top 3 OSes for TVs.
The stand is so so… I mean it does not look so great, but you can mount the screen on a wall. They used this type of stand so that the TV has a lower position, but I guess that most of you will install it on the wall to make space for other things.

The verdict

So, the LG 43UH603V would be for you if you want a model that looks nice on the wall and has all the features you need to watch 4K movies.
Below is a preview of this model so that you can se better how it looks like.

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