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Lenovo Xiaoxin TB-8804F

The Lenovo Xiaoxin TB-8804F tablet is a new model with premium components and stable OS. It has an 8 inch screen with FHD resolution and the processor is an octa core one from Qualcomm.
A device like this one is very good for those interested in a solution for browsing the web, social network access and watching clips on Youtube.

Lenovo Xiaoxin TB-8804F

It does not cost too much because it has a good price. For this price we get a gadget with warranty and good reliability.


The specs of this device are very good because it has a screen with 1920×1080 pixel resolution, much memory (4GB of RAM and 64GB of internal storage; it supports cards up to 128GB), Snapdragon 625 processor, wi-fi ac, Dolby sound, fingerprint sensor and Android 7.1 (a stable version of the OS from Google; it has Google Play Store aka Android Market).
The battery lasts about 8-10 hours or more depending on what you do on it. So, we can say that the portability is the best… the weight is about 302 g.


It does not have a newer version of Android, but it is better to have a stable one. I think that in the coming month the manufacturer will provide software updates to this device and Oreo (Android 8) could be on its way.


For those interested in a family tablet I recommend this Lenovo Xiaoxin TB – 8804F tablet PC. Because of the RAM and good processor everything will work fluent.
If you want to see how it looks like than I recommend you the clip from below. As you can see from the upload date of the clip, the device is a new one… so you get the current ears tech.

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  • jose

    I have a similar tablet and must say that for about 250 euros you get a more than decent device. Everyone knows Lenovo and their products are premium. I bought such a tablet for my parents and they don’t have any problem using it. Its use is very natural.

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