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HP Stream 11-ag009na (3RP21EA#ABU), laptop with great battery life

The HP Stream 11-ag009na is also known as 3RP21EA#ABU, but few stores offer this name. Few users are looking for such a gadget because it has a convertible design. Of course, the screen isn’t removable, so it uses classic components for better performance. You can compare it with a tablet because of the touchscreen technology and it has a light-weight design (1.1 kg). The Intel Celeron CPU is a great choice for simple tasks and you get even a fast memory – eMMC.

HP Stream 11-ag009na (3RP21EA#ABU), laptop with great battery life


It is a decent entry-level laptop for a decent price and you can use it for web browsing and some applications. This model can be used like a normal laptop or you can fold it if you consider its keyboard useless. Maximum battery life can easily be achieved if you do not play video content or set a high brightness on its screen. The display supports gestures and the image quality is above average because we are talking about an IPS panel with excellent viewing angles.

Storage won’t be a problem when you use the 1TB OneDrive Cloud Storage service for storing you favorite media files. Of course, you can consider even an external HDD because it ain’t so expensive and you don’t need an internet connection to store a file.


Small laptops don’t come with a DVD unit and numeric keyboard, but who needs a DVD when you can use high speed USB ports? It can not be considered a model for heavy tasks because we are talking about a small budget and it has 360 degree hinges.


This laptop called HP Stream 11-ag009na is designed to be accessible even with Windows 10 pre-installed, and those who want to install something extra can use a USB stick. Looks great on white, but the screen is better highlighted with the black frame. Tablets aren’t so popular anymore because of their specs and they need a stand if you want both hands free. The model above doesn’t need this accessory like many other with same type of hinges.

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