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HP Spectre x360 13-ac001na (Z6L06EA#ABU)

The new 2017 HP Spectre x360 13-ac001na Z6L06EA#ABU is here with Kaby Lake processor, pen support and much more. It’s the cheapest model available on the market because it comes with i5-7200u and only 256 gigs of SSD space.
I can say that this convertible laptop (same thing as 2 in 1 notebook) is a very good alternative to Android tablets because of the good portability and the productivity. It weights only 1,3 kg with a battery life of about 16 hours and you have Windows 10 that allows you to play games, edit documents and do what you want.

HP Spectre x360 13-ac001na (Z6L06EA#ABU)

This model has a good price and if you want the best Spectre x360 than you should go with one that has i7 processor (models 13-ac004na and 13-ac002na). From the below image you can see that the 2017 model has some differences like the logo (now it’s hp made out of four lines; it was Hewlett Packard), the keyboard looks different and other things that you can see from the clip at the end.


Because of the 13.3 inch screen we get a laptop that weights about 700 grams less than the 15.6 inch model. Maybe because of the screen size we get a better battery life than on the 15″ model that has only 12-13 hours. We get aprox 16 hours with the 13″ model.
There are silver, white and other colors but I like Dark Ash Silver.
It has new tech like wireless ac that allows you to use one from two channels (n or ac) and download at Gigabit speed from the Internet.
The big 8GB RAM memory allows you to run programs without lag and you will not need to upgrade it to more memory.
The SSD gives you a speed boost at boot or when demanding apps start (Photoshop etc). The speed difference from a HDD is 10X faster.


For some the keyboard could be kind of small and the LAN (RJ-45 Gigabit) is a dongle. I don’t think that you’ll use the LAN because it’s an outdated port, but if you don’t have a wi-fi router than you are stuck with it.
The screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixel (FHD) for this model, but there is the 13-ac004na model with 4K display.


This 13-ac001na model is for those who want a good alternative to Apple laptops but with the productivity of Windows ones. We know that many buy Macs and install Windows on them. Also the touchscreen allows you to play touch games or do handwriting with the stylus.

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