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HP Spectre 15-ch005na x360 (3DL07EA#ABU)

HP Spectre 15-ch005na x360 (3DL07EA#ABU) is a laptop from the well know Spectre 15 X360 series. It has a 15 inch screen and the new i7 chip from from Intel (i7-8705G) meaning that you have great portability and performance.
Such a laptop is for those interested in a model that is convertible and because of that can be used at home or in profesional use.

HP Spectre 15-ch005na x360 (3DL07EA#ABU)


The screen size is 15.6 inches, has an IPS panel and UHD resolution (3840×2160). So, we have a laptop with a screen suitable for movies, high resolution tasks and games. This 4K display is one with touch support
On the processor part is comes with i7-8705G which is a processor that has 4 cores and Radeon Vega Graphics (4GB of dedicated memory). Because of this Kaby Lake G processor it can run any task at any detail.
On the memory part it has 8GB of RAM and internal storage of 512. The storage is of type SSD so that data access has good response times.
Portability is more than decent with a weight of about 2kg and a battery life of up to 12 hours… depending on what you do with the laptop and the power plan.
The webcam is a premium one with 1080p resolution so that the interlocutor can see you as best as possible.


The price is a little bit higher than the one of other Spectre laptops because of the processor+graphics card that has more “juice”.


Laptops such as this HP Spectre 15-ch005na x360 will be a common thing in the next 2-3 years because technology advances. Because of this we have the best portability and performance in any task.
If you need more performance than you choose the alternative with 16GB and 1TB SSD. Why an 1TB SSD? Because this model can be used for CAD and files from CAD programs tend to be very big.

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