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HP Spectre 13-af004na (2PG11EA#ABU)

HP Spectre 13-af004na (2PG11EA#ABU) is one of the best looking laptops around and has new tech integrated including an 4 core i5 processor, a big Solid State and UHD Graphics. Because of the features and components this laptop is for home and business use.

HP Spectre 13-af004na (2PG11EA#ABU)

It has a good price considering that it has a low 1.1kg weight and a battery that can last up to 9 hours. As you can see the portability is extreme and this is because they used low power and low weight components.


This HP Spectre 13-af004na laptop has an i5-8250U CPU with 4 cores and is as good as the desktop variant. The CPU includes a good graphics chip named Intel UHD 620 and it’s named so because it can play 4K movies.
It comes with an 13.3 inch display that has 4K resolution (3840×2160 px), touch support and good viewing angles.
On the portability part everything is ok, the weight being very small and the battery lasting very much. The small weight is possible because the case is done from light materials and the device has no optical drive (ODD).


Screen size is not so big, but you can connect an external screen (monitor or HDTV) to it to see images or videos at a bigger size.
Does not have discrete graphics (dedicated graphics card) so that you can do more demanding video tasks (editing etc).


If you want a laptop than looks good and is a better alternative to a tablet because of the productivity than this HP Spectre 13-af004na is my recommendation.
I could say that this device is the perfect combination between tablet and laptop… mostly because of the touch screen and low weight.
More info about device you can get from the clip below that is an excelent preview. You can see how good it looks and that it white. Most reviewers said about it that it’s the “sexiest: laptop of 2017.

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