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HP Pavilion Power 17-ab303na (3DK08EA#ABU)

HP Pavilion Power 17-ab303na (3DK08EA#ABU) is a 17.3 inch laptop for people interesting in a desktop replacement.
It comes with a i5-7300HQ processor that has 4 cores and GTX 1050 Ti graphics (with 4GB of dedicated memory).

HP Pavilion Power 17-ab303na (3DK08EA#ABU)

If you want a 15 inch model than you should go with this one… it has almost the same components.

Good things

The portability is decent with a weight of a 2.9kg and a batter that lasts up to 10 hours. The best thing is that it charges 50% in 30 minutes.
To connect the device to the internet you can use the Gigabit LAN or the wireless ac 2×2. If you have a wireless router than the best way would be without any cable (wireless).
It has a new generation processor – the i5-7300HQ with 4 cores. This is a processor from the Kaby Lake generation and it has a graphics chip integrated for better battery life.
Also this notebook has a GTX 1505Ti graphics card with dedicated memory. So, it does not use the system meory wich is 8GB of DDR4 RAM.
For storage it uses a big HDD and a fast SSD. The Operating System being installed on the SSD.

Not so good things

The screen has Full HD resolution but it could have been an 4K one. About this screen you must know that’s one with IPS panel that translates in very good viewing angles.
Processor in not i7, but still the i5 is a good one with 4 cores. (i7 models tend to have more processing power.)


Laptops such as this HP Pavilion Power 17-ab303na are for those interested in a device that look good and have the best performance in various tasks.
How this model looks like and what you can do with it can be seen from the preview below.

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