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HP Pavilion Gaming 17-ab405na, Full HD screen with clear imagine

HP Pavilion Gaming 17-ab405na can offer a good gaming experience due to its large Full HD screen, new components, decent speakers and many ports. It’s a bit more expensive than the 15-inch variant with the same components, but the details will be more visible. Also, you have been accustomed to a monitor, and a 15 inch screen would be too small. We should not neglect the fact that a bigger laptop cools more easily inside because it has a better air flow. Of course, the difference isn’t so visible and you should use a cooling stand if you play for hours.

HP Pavilion Gaming 17-ab405na, Full HD screen with clear imagine

It’s equipped with a good HD webcam so you can make video calls with friends or family. It’s not a lightweight gadget, but I do not think you should worry about it because it’s a laptop for heavy tasks. This series provides a generous battery life but I do not think it will reach 11 hours as the manufacturer suggests because it has a gaming hardware.


It does not come with the GTX 1050 4GB or Ti version.

Why should you consider buying it?

It’s perfect for those who have a Dual Band wireless router, because it has WiFi ac 2×2. You can use wireless peripherals from a longer distance with Bluetooth 5.0 and the connection will be stable. We’re talking about a budget series, which is why you only have HDMI output, but more expensive laptops have even a DisplayPort for an additional external screen (monitor). It’s different from other series and its design is special.

I think they could give up the optical drive because you get faster USB ports like USB 3.1, and nothing is stored on discs today. It is much safer to store data on external drives or on cloud. You can always change the 1TB hard drive with a SSD drive, but you won’t have the same storage space.

HP 17-ab405na comes with an antivirus program but it has a 30 day free trial, so after that period you can choose which antivirus you want. My recommendation is Avast Free because it consumes few resources.

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