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HP Pavilion 15ab127na (P7S25EA#ABU)

HP Pavilion 15ab127na model P7S25EA#ABU is a good laptop powered by the AMD A8-7410 processor. The A8 performance is somewhere between i3 and i5 because of the 2672 points in benchmark.

HP Pavilion 15ab127na (P7S25EA#ABU)

This Pavilion has a good price. A model like this can be used at home or for business purposes. Many companies tend to use laptops from HP because they are robust and you can rely on them. The brand that produces this model is in top because of that people trust them and the build quality.


It is a laptop powered by an APU (CPU with video graphics integrated) and because of that it has Radeon R5. Laptops like this are suited for office and multimedia tasks (movies, browsing the web etc). This APU has 4 cores, but in terms of performance it is like an i3. What I want to say is that the number of cores is only for marketing.
The RAM size is big 15 ab127na having 8 gigs of RAM DDR3. In my opinion 4GB would have done the job.
For connecting tot the net we can use the LAN card or the wi-fi ac one. I recommend using the wireless one because you get rid of cables. But, you’ll need a router.

On the software side it comes with Windows 10 and other things that you must install are the browser (Chrome or something like it) and Office (from Microsoft or Libre). Other programs can be installed via Internet ori the DVD Drive (yes, it has DVD).

I like that this laptop has many USB ports, a big hard drive and a fast processor. Another good thing is the portability because the battery lasts about 6-8 hours and the weight is 2.3kg.
I don’t like that the graphics chip does not have it’s own memory and that the screen resolution is not Full HD.


The HP 15-ab127na is a very good laptop if you’re searching a device to get thing done fast. Something cheaper would be 15 ay026na.
From the preview below you can see how it looks like. But, keep in mind that in the clip is a model that looks similar.

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