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HP Pavilion 15-cd023na (2GF49EA#ABU)

HP Pavilion 15-cd023na 2GF49EA#ABU is a laptop for multimedia and office tasks. It has an A10-9620P processor from AMD and dedicated graphics card model Radeon R530 with 2GB of RAM. The processor is equivalent to an i3-i5 because of the 4 cores that give a suplimentar boost comparing to 2 cores models.

HP Pavilion 15-cd023na (2GF49EA#ABU)

It has a good price. If you’re interested in something similar that there is this model with i3, but graphics is integrated in the CPU.
You can see how it looks like from the below image. It’s a premium model on silver an because of that dust will not be visible.


The processor is an A10 model with 4 cores and usually this means better performance and lower power consumption.
On the portability side this notebook PC stands very good because it has a weight of 2kg and a battery that lasts up to 6 hours (this depends on how you use the laptop).
The screen size is 15.6 and has a 1080p resolution so that you can see movies without any quality loss. Viewing angles are very good and because of that this laptop is good for games and any video entertainment.
RAM size is 8GB and the type is DDR4. The main differences between DDR3 and DDR4 are the power consumption which is less and the better performance.


It has no SSD drive. Such a component would have made the laptop faster, but nobody stops you from replacing the HDD with a good SSD. If you plan to add more RAM memory than I must say that the included capacity is more than enough and a upgrade to Solid State would be a better decision.


For someone interested in a laptop that has a nice design and good components I say that this HP Pavilion 15-cd023na is more than enough. There are some alternatives from Intel, but AMD is as good with the plus of the graphics card with dedicated memory.

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