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HP Pavilion 15-bc006na (W8X98EA#ABU)

With a laptop like HP Pavilion 15-bc006na W8X98EA#ABU you can play any game and watch FHD movies. It is powered by one of the best i5 processors on the market and by the class 1 GTX 960M graphics card.
As you might guess this is a premium laptop suitable for games and multimedia tasks.

HP Pavilion 15-bc006na (W8X98EA#ABU)

It has a price and for this money we get a device that looks good and has new components. There are some cheaper alternatives with AMD processors but the i5 and i7 models are the best and because of that you should go with them.


The laptop has an i5-6300HQ processor with 4 cores and 6003 points in benchmark (the processor is 4 times faster than some i3 models).
On the memory part is thas 8GB of DDR4 RAM, an 128GB SSD and an 1TB HDD. You can add more RAM memory, but I think that 8GB is sufficient at this moment.
The portability of this model is good because of the wight that is 2.2 kg and the battery life that is about 11 hours (this number is supplied bu the manufacturer).
With this model we can watch 1080p movies at best quality because of the Full HD screen and the IPS panel (it offers good viewing angles and colors).
Compared to other laptops the sound is great, but it can’t compare with a dedicated 2.1 or 5.1 audio system. The sound has been tuned by experts (the ones From B&O Play) so that you get a good multimedia laptop.


It does not come with a 4K resolution screen, but it has IPS panel and anti-glare.
The graphics card is good but it’s not from the 1000 series.
It’s not a 2 in 1 device and because of that it can’t be used as a tablet.


For those interested in a premium laptop I recommend this Pavilion 15-bc006na. It can be used for games, Blu-ray movies and intensive tasks.
How it looks like can be seen from the clip below. In the clip the guy made even a sound test so that you can hear how good it is.

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