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HP 250 G6 (2SY44ES#ABU), ash grey laptop with i7-7500U

The HP 250 G6 laptop is part of the latest generation of affordable laptops from this brand and you will notice lots of interesting configurations. There is a powerful model with Core i7-7500U named 2SY44ES#ABU that you should consider buying. The most expensive models feature a FHD screen and cutting-edge components that have low energy consumption. You should consider a  compact laptop because they have a better construction and the DVD drive makes no sense. Reinstalling an operating system can be done using a USB 3.0 stick.

HP 250 G6 (2SY44ES#ABU), ash grey laptop with i7-7500U


All CPUs have an integrated GPU and this one has a model from Intel that can run even 1080p content. For gamers I recommend a laptop with an additional GPU (with dedicated video memory). So a laptop can have even two video cards that do not work together, but separate and automatically switches to the better video card when you run media content or games. Battery life is great on office laptops but it depends on how you use it or what you run on it.

Video quality is great if you choose only good quality content and resolution is very important on this screen. I like laptops with SSD drives because they boot up fast, data transfer is great and applications run instantly. Of course, it can’t offer same storage space as a HDD but I don’t think that you want to storage a lot of data on a laptop.


I have nothing to reproach, the configuration is according to the budget. You get exactly what you pay for! Even if you don’t get a DVD drive, you can use USB sticks to copy from your laptop or store data on it.


HP 250 G6 addresses to office users because it does not have a dedicated video card and its processor has a low consumption. It can even be used by small businesses because of its special features. For those passionate about games, we recommend the Omen series or other variants if you have an even bigger budget.

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