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HP 250 G6 (2NC71UT#ABA)

HP 250 G6 2NC71UT#ABA is a new generation (6th generation) of laptop destined for consumers with basic expectations. It includes a fast i5 processor, SSD storage, Windows 10 and HD resolution screen. This is the perfect laptop for movies, web browsing and office work.

HP 250 G6 (2NC71UT#ABA)

This device has a decent price and for the money we get American build quality on a product with the best reliability. From the below image you can see that the design is minimal (kind of like the previous generation but more refined).


Having a 15.6 inch screen you can see all webpages clear and HD movies will be displayed at the best quality possible. I would liked more to see a Full HD display 😉
On the connections part it as wireless ac, HMDI, USB and other important ports.
Uncommon, but very good for such a laptop is the presence of the SSD. It’s an SSD with a capacity of 128GB.
For HD movies this laptop has the HD screen and the HD 620 graphics card from Intel wich is integrated in the CPU.
The Operating System is Windows 10 and if you plan to install another one than you can use the USB ports or the DVD drive to install another OS.


The graphics card is an integrated one with shared memory, but having 8GB of RAM it has from where to take. In my opinion, you don’t need more than the provided graphics card for basic tasks.

Final thoughts

For those who want a device to browse the web and be more productive than on a tablet or smartphone than this HP 250 G6 2NC71UT#ABA is my recommendation.
If the product is out of stock then you should check here for more models like this.
Below I posted a clip so that you can see how nice this laptop looks like. Because of the design I think it’s great even for business purposes.

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  • Dina

    The i5-7200U processor is the best hardware piece in this model. The lack of discrete graphics is not a problem because most don’t play games on an office PC. For games there are special PCs that are more expensive.

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