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HP 17-AB301NA (2PR75EA#ABU), Pavilion Power laptop

The HP 17-AB301NA (2PR75EA#ABU) is a laptop from the Pavilion Power 17 series suitable for gaming. This laptop not only has great performance but it also has great portability with a battery lasting more than 5 hours (depending on what you do on the laptop). Also, for a 17 inch laptop the 2.8 kg weight is also very good.

HP 17-AB301NA (2PR75EA#ABU), Pavilion Power laptop

Good things

The portability is very good for a laptop that has a screen of 17.3 inches with 1920×1080 pixel resolution. About the display you must know that it has a IPS panel with good viewing angles and the finish is an anti-glare one so that the light does not reflect from it.
On the processing part it comes with an i7 Kaby Lake processor that has 2 cores. The model I’m talking about is the i7-7500U with low power consumption.
For games to run as smooth as possible this model has a good graphics card – the GTX 1050 2GB. And for every task to run excelent it has 8GB of RAM. In my opinion you don’t need more RAM.

Things that could be better

I would liked to see a resolution of type 4K or something like it. But, you can watch 4k movies with no quality loss on an external screen that has this resolution.
Does not come with SSD so that some tasks are accelerated, but you can add such a component if you want.
Has GTX graphics but it’s more a multimedia laptop. It’s not the Ti model with 4GB of RAM and the cooling is not like in other gaming laptops (for example the Rog series from Asus).

My verdict

Laptops such as this HP 17-AB301NA from the Pavilion Power series are for those interested in a powerful desktop replacement that can be used for some gaming.
Hewlett Packard is a very good brand and their devices have good reliability. This is because they are US based and their clients are more in the enterprise sector.

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