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HP 15-cx0001na, laptop with 16GB Optane Memory

Even HP has released a series that is an affordable alternative to the Omen series. HP 15-cx0001na comes with Optane storage acceleration but some users prefer a M.2 SSD (both have same interface – PCIe). I really like the Shadow Black finish with green logo and green backlit keyboard, because most manufacturers offer a red backlit keyboard on their mobile gaming solutions. Even if we do not talk about the most advanced gaming series, we can enjoy a Full HD IPS screen. Build construction is great like on most laptops from this manufacturer.

HP 15-cx0001na, laptop with 16GB Optane Memory

It has the newest CPU on the market for gaming tasks and we can complain in this budget. This laptop look great on a matte black desk and with similar peripherals, you can put a RGB strip behind the desk.


You gen only the GTX 1050 2GB version, while a GTX 1050 Ti can offer better result in games. Ports are the same on all new laptops, but more expensive gaming series offer DisplayPort so you can connect an additional monitor.

Why should you consider buying it?

When you buy a new laptop and you want it for games and work, make sure it has new components and a backlit keyboard. The Core i5-8300H is the newest CPU from Intel and it can be compared with the previous Core i7. The new Core i7-8750H is the first Hexa Core CPU for laptops and it has no competition. You can upgrade memory on most laptops because there is one more free slot. You should not exceed 16GB because most games don’t need a lot of RAM.

HP 15-cx0001na has a fast internet connection because it comes with WiFi ac 2×2 (Dual Band), so the wireless router in you home must be compatible. The laptop excels from all points of view and looks much better than an office laptop. It’s worth taking a gaming mouse for it and it can be a Razer model if you want it to be the same color – green. It’s not worth buying a 17-inch laptop because you can buy a TV with that money, I am referring to that price difference.

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