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HP 15-bs503na (2PY22EA#ABU)

HP 15-bs503na model number 2PY22EA#ABU is a home laptop powered by an i3 processor and it has a screen with 15.6 inch diagonal. It’s fit for multimedia purposes because of the Intel HD Graphics chip that can play HD and Full HD movies and even games.

HP 15-bs503na (2PY22EA#ABU)


The CPU (processor) powering this notebook is an i3-6006U with two cores and integrated HD Graphics (from Intel). Because of those two the laptop has a great portability an performance in various tasks.
The battery lasts up to 6 or more hours and the weight is below 2kg (aprox 1.9kg). This small weight is possible because of the lack of optical drive and because the battery is one with not so many cells.
On the memory side is has 8GB of DDR memory and a SSD as internal storage. In my opinion you don’t need more than 8 gigs because this is the new standard.
This model is compatible with Gigabit Internet because of the strong CPU and of the SSD that will facilitate fast downloads. As mentioned in the specs tab this device has 10/100/1000 LAN.


It would have been better if the device had a processor with 4 cores and a discrete graphics card. (The term discrete graphics means that the laptop has a graphics card with dedicated memory.)
Screen resolution is only HD. I would liked to see a Full HD display because today’s content is available in this resolution.


This notebook PC named HP 15-bs503na is for home or business purposes. Also, you can use it if you are a student because of its small price and very good reliability. With such a laptop you don’t have to worry that keys will break or other things like this.

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  • Timy

    I bought this model because of how it looks and of the i3 processor. A friend of mine recommended me to buy laptops with minimum an i3 processor, the i7 being the best.

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