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HP 15-bs191od (2UE53UA)

HP 15-bs191od (2UE53UA) is a laptop that does not cost much and has many useful features. It’s a premium laptop powered by an 8th generation i5 processor model i5-8250U that has 4 cores.
Because of its specs (more on that in the coming rows) this laptop is perfect for office and multimedia tasks.

HP 15-bs191od (2UE53UA)

It has a price that it not big. For the money we get a laptop with pre-installed software (Windows 10, Netflix, antivirus etc).


The HP 15-bs191od laptop is one with great potability because of the below 2kg weight (1.94 to be more exact) and the bttery that can last up to 4 hours.
Wireless is very good, the notebook having wireless ac and bluetooth 4.2 combo. Also, the network interface is Gigabit 10/100/1000 so that you can stream at the highest speed.
On the processing part this laptop has an Intel i5-8250U processor with integrated graphics (model 620 from Intel). This CPU makes this laptop very capable in any task. And, I must note that the CPU is the mot important part in a laptop.
RAM is sufficient, this model having 8GB type DDR4. In my opinion you don’t need to install more.


The screen resolution is only 720p, but the laptop is capable of playing 1080p movies on the screen or on an external screen.
It does not have integrated a Solid State Drive. Such a component could have accelerated usual tasks and so the laptop would have been faster.
RAM memory is not expandable, but in my opinion 8 GB are more than enough.
It comes with DVD drive allowing you to install programs from discs but the downside is that it adds weight. These days ODD (optical disc drives) are useless… in my opinion.


If you need a laptop that you can rely on that this model would be my recommendation. It has the newest tech available for office and multimedia tasks. The storage is enough but if you need more than you could go with this model that has 2TB.

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