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HP 15-bs105na (3DK06EA#ABU)

HP 15-bs105na (3DK06EA#ABU) is a laptop with very good portability because of the 1.9kg weight and the battery that lasts up to 6 or more hours. It’s a laptop for home use and has paced an 8th generation i5-8250U processor so that you have the best performance at your fingers.

HP 15-bs105na (3DK06EA#ABU)

It has a good price and for this money we get a device that not only looks great (and premium in the same time) but has new components that have good performance and low power footprint.


For storage it uses an 256GB SSD, but if you want a cheaper solution than you can go with the HDD version (looks te same but has a hard drive instead of the Solid State Drive).
The screen is a great one with HD resolution, matte finish (anti glare so that the light does not reflect).
On the processor everything is great because it has an quad core i5 model that also has Intel UHD graphics integrated.
The portability is great because of the below 2 kg weight and the components that don’t consume too much power. Components like the low voltage processor, DDR4 memory and the screen.
On the software part it comes with Windows 10 Home.


Does not come with a 8th generation i7 processor so that you have more performance. If you want the best performance fot the price than I recommend you to go with the i7 quad core version.
The included graphics chip – an Intel HD – is not a discrete one, but an integrated one.


If you want a good computer for at home that should be portable, small and with good performance in any task that this HP 15-bs105na would be my recommendation.
About the battery life the manufacturer says that the battery lasts up to 11-12 hours. It can last up to this value if you do likgt tasks and the PC is not connected to the Internet via wi-fi.

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