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HP 15-ay078na (1BW60EA#ABU)

HP 15-ay078na 1BW60EA#ABU is an office laptop for those interested in a model for web browsing, simple games and movies (especially HD ones).
HP is one of the best brands in the world when it comes to laptops and in the UK this brand is in the top.

HP 15-ay078na (1BW60EA#ABU)

It has a good price and for the money we get a laptop with good battery life and components. For exemple, the processor is much better than the Celeron N3060. This can be seen from the 1873 point benchmark that is equivalent to some i3 processors.


This laptop comes with a new and power effcient processor – the Pentium N3710 – with 4 cores. Because of this CPU and other low power components the laptop has a battery life of about 8 hours. (This is the autonomy mentioned by Hewlett Packard but you should expect about 4 hours).
The screen is one with a big 15,6 inch diagonal that has 1366×768 pixel resolution so that you can watch HD movies.
The device comes with Windows 10 so that you can go online from the first moment.
It has DVD optical drive so that you can burn CDs or DVDs. But, there might be derivations of this model that don’t have Optical Drive.
The weight is low – about 2 kg. This is 500g lower than laptops used to weight about 1-2 years ago. Combined with the good battery life this model has a good portability.
Having the USB 3.0 port means that this model can install another Operating System from the stick.


The HP 15-ay078na does not have DDR4 RAM or SSD. But, the RAM is low voltage DDR3L and you can install an SSD if you want. You can install the Solid State instead of the HDD or Optical DVD Drive with an HDD caddy.
The graphics card is an integrated Intel HD 405 but it can run games and HD movies.
It does not have wi-fi ac, it has only has n.


A laptop like the 15-ay078na model from HP is especially fr those who want a cheap laptop with top components and a good overall reliability.
If you’re interested in seeing how it look like than this can be seen from the clip below. And, if you don’t like the color that there is the 15-ay026na model that is silver.

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