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HP 15-ay076na (1BW80EA#ABU)

HP 15-ay076na 1BW80EA#ABU is a laptop powered by an i3 Skylake processor that scores 3134 points in benchmark (it’s 3 times more faster than a Celeron) and a good Intel HD 520 graphics card. This model is for those interested in a laptop with good performance (because of the i3 processor) and great portability (because of the energy efficient components).

HP 15-ay076na (1BW80EA#ABU)

This model has a price. How it looks like can be seen from the below image. You can see that it’s a silver model on the inside and on the outside.


The i3-6006U processor is a fast one and because of the U suffix we know that it consumes not so much power. If you want something with a faster processor than you could go with 15-ay110na because it has i5 Kaby Lake.
Has plenty of RAM type DDR4. The standard is 4GB, but having 8GB we can say that it’s future proof.
It has a new OS installed – Windows 10. because of that we can go online from the first moment. (You can’t install Windows 7 on it because there are no drivers for it.)
The portability is good because of the small weight (about 2kg) and the battery that lasts about 5-7h.
You can watch movies and pictures from SD cards because of the presence of the card reader.


Has no dedicated (discrete) graphics card. This could be a pro because so we have a better battery life – about 5-7 hours… depending on what you do on it.
This 15-ay076na model comes with optical drive, but I don’t know for what use. You can install programs from the net or from USB.
It’s not good for demanding games because it has no dedicated graphics card as said above.


The HP 15-ay076na laptop has the hardware that you need for simple games, HD movies (it can play FHD movies even the screen is not FHD) and not so demanding tasks.
Hewlett Packard is a good US brand and many people choose it for home or business use.

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