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HP 15-AY024NA

HP 15-AY024NA W9V29EA#ABU is a red laptop that comes with an quad core Pentium N3710 processor and 8GB of RAM. This portable PC is for those who want a device for movies and web surfing.
You can upgrade some components (like the RAM and the HDD) but in my opinion it is good how it’s now.

HP 15-AY024NA

It has a good price and for the money we get a laptop with good processing power and an HD screen. It is a red laptop with black keyboard as seen below and in the clip that I’ll post at the end.

The Intel Pentium N3710 CPU has a good benchmark of 1876 points and we can say that it’s comparable with a older i3 CPU. On the graphics part it has an integrated GPU from Intel named Intel HD Graphics.
On the software side it has Windows 10 preinstalled so that you can go on the net ASAP. Other things that might be needed are a good office suite (from Libre or Microsoft) an a browser (Chrome, Cent Browser, Opera or Firefox).
If you use it for business purposes than the DVD drive will come in handy and it will allow you to install software from CDs or DVDs.

Pros & Cons

It has many good things but what I like the most are the processor, the 8GB of RAM, that it has Windows and the big hard drive. The portability is another good thing because the battery lasts about 7 hours and the weight is about 2 kg.
I don’t like the fact that it does not have dedicated graphics and SSD.

Bottom line

If you want a laptop for home use than this model would be a good solution. You can connect it to a TV so that you can see movies bigger and you can store many files on it because of the 2TB HDD.
In the video from below is a model that looks similar to the one from this article. But you should know that the model 15-AY024NA sold in the UK is a special one because it has more memory and Windows on it. And if you want something on silver than I recommend ay026na.

You can find more info on the HP site searching for the product code or the product number W9V29EA.

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