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HP 14-cm0013na, great laptop for work and home entertainment

HP 14-cm0013na is perfect for those who want a more affordable alternative to a laptop with Intel Core i3, but they do not want to make too many compromises. We have the new Ryzen 3 processor with Radeon Vega 3 which is more powerful than an Intel video card. Just from the bottom picture we can see that it’s a lightweight laptop with a smaller screen, but it’s big enough to give you a decent video experience. Laptops can be used like portable media players and you need to buy a HDMI cable to connect a TV to it. Taking into account the configuration, I could say it is part of the office segment.

HP 14-cm0013na, great laptop for work and home entertainment

I like the silver design, but the interior has a different color – black. Other series offer laptops in only one color or even larger screens, so you can watch movies with your friends and family. Such laptops don’t come with backlit keyboard or dedicated graphics, but can be useful for users who travel a lot.


Nothing to complain in this price range and there are only reasons to buy it.

Why should you buy it?

Laptop boots fast with the 256GB SSD and I think you will have enough space to store your favorite media files or 2D games. I can’t recommend this hardware for gaming users, because there is no dedicated videocard and a Ryzen 5 is more efficient. In my opinion, this laptop doesn’t need any upgrades, because is has enough memory and only gaming laptops need 16GB. Battery life is great and it can reach even 10 hours in office mode (only programs and web browsing). The HD screen delivers a clear and colorful picture, and thanks to its anti-glare protection, the laptop can also be used outdoors in bright light.

There are a lot of USB ports on both sides, but manufacturers should place them on the left side so you can use a mouse without hitting any cables or USB flash drives. You can connect wireless peripherals to this laptop because laptops have bluetooth and WiFi technologies.

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