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HP 14-bp100na (3DL42EA#ABU)

HP 14-bp100na 3DL42EA#ABU is a new laptop from HP powered by the i5-8250U processor. If I’m not wrong this is one of the first HP laptops with i5 8th gen processor. Not having dedicated memory for the graphics card makes this laptop suitable for office tasks.
Such a laptop is very good for people interested in a device for HD movies, simple games and documents editing.

HP 14-bp100na (3DL42EA#ABU)


The i5 CPU in this notebook PC is one with 4 cores and the Intel HD Graphics chip. So, we get all the performance we need in demanding tasks.
For memory it as a big 128GB SSD and 4GB of RAM. Some night consider adding more RAM, but my opinion is that it’s more than enough.
As an Operating System it has Windows 10 so that you can install the newest apps and use them secure.
The screen is a 14 inch (35.6 cm) one with HD resolution (1366×768 pixels) and SVA panel. This type of panel is a little bit better than TN. Also, you must know that it has anti-glare so that the light does not reflect.


Has no discrete graphics (a graphics card with dedicated memory) and the system memory could have been 8GB (this is the new standard). In my opinion, 4GB is good and enough for now, but 8GB would have been better. 😉


Laptops such as the HP14-bp100na are for people interested in a device that not only looks good but have great portability. It has low weight and a battery that can last up to 4 hours.
Hewlett Packard is an American brand founded in the late 30s and is well known at enterprise level. Not only it makes reliable products but they have the newest components.
If you’re looking for alternatives than there are this ones with i5-8250U processor. About this CPU I did not mention that it has almost the same performance of desktop i5 processors.

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