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HP 14-bf102na (3DK05EA#ABU)

HP 14-bf102na 3DK05EA#ABU is a 14 inch laptop for those interested in a powerful alternative to ultrabooks. If you’re interested in a 15 inch alternative than I recommend you this Pavilion 15.
Because of the modern hardware this laptop is very good for office and multimedia tasks. You can play games on it but only the simple ones because graphics is integrated.

HP 14-bf102na (3DK05EA#ABU)

This Pavilion laptop has a good price and for this money we get a good looking model with good components and reliability. If you’re interested in how it looks like you can see from the image below. Also, if you can’t see from the image than you should know that it has no ODD (optical drive aka DVD).


Screen resolution is 1080p and the panel is a very good one because it’s IPS. So, we get the best viewing angles and can watch movies without quality loss. About the screen I must add that it’s one with a small bezel… so, the chassis one like on an 13,3 inch laptop.
The CPU (processor) is i5-8250U. This a quad core model with low power consumption. Because of the 4 cores this model scores about 7517 in benchmark. We can see that it’s stronger than some i7. 😉
Portability is more than great because the weight is 1.5kg an battery lasts about 8h.
With this notebook PC you will have performance at your fingers. For example tas will be done upt to 4 times faster than on an i3 model and Internet will be much faster because of the CPU, SSD and wireless ac.


The processor could have been an quad core i7 model. Meaning I don’t say no to better performance.
It has a 256GB SDD, but it could have been a model with more space. For example 512GB.


If you’re interested in a laptop that looks good and has good performance than this HP 14-bf102na would be more than great. It’s a mix from ultrabook and desktop because it has a good portability and performance in tasks are more than great.

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