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HP 14-am078na (1BW95EA)

The HP 14-am078na 1BW95EA laptop is one powered by an Pentium quad core processor and has Windows 10 on it. This model is perfect for multimedia and office tasks.
HP laptops are for those interested in something reliable and with many features that are useful.

HP 14-am078na (1BW95EA)

It has a good price and for this money we get a device that looks great and has new tech integrated. From the image below you can see that it’s a red laptop with black keys. Also, you can see that the design is similar to the rest of Pavilion/Compaq laptops from the basic line. It is an economic/modern design like other 14 inch laptops from HP.


Portability of the HP 14-am078na laptop is great because it has a small weight and a batter that does last about 4-5 hours depending on what you do with the notebook. The manufacturer says that battery lasts up to 8 hours…
The screen is ok with a 14 inch diagonal and 1366×768 pixel resolution.
RAM memory is enough, this model having 8GB of DDR4. This will allow all apps to run fluent.


It has no ODD drive but this is not so important because the device has Windows 10 pre-installed. If you want to install another OS than you can use an USB stick or an external DVD drive.
Another thing that I don’t like is the lack of dedicated graphics card. It has an Intel HD chip that is HD capable and simple games run on it.
The hard drive capacity is very big (2000GB) but I would have liked to see an SSD integrated in this model. A Solid State Drive can be installed and will accelerate common tasks on the laptop.


This model is perfect for those interested in a model that looks good and has great performance in simple games and HD movies. It can play 1080p movies and I recommend that you connect an external monitor.
If the model is not anymore in stock than you should check here.

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