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If you want a cheap but reliable mini laptop than I recommend you the HKC N13RA-UK. It has good components and the battery lasts up to 5 hours. A small laptop like this one is for persons interested in something reliable on a trip or something like this. The weight is small (about 1.3kg) and because of this you can carry it in a small bag… or something like it.


This device has a good price and for the money we get a device that looks good and has good hardware in a way that it makes the battery last longer.  From the below image you can see how this device looks and that it does not have an optical drive.


The 13.3 inch screen has IPS panel and FHD resolution. This means that movies can be seen without any quality loss.
The processor is a Celeron N3350 one with two cores and Intel HD Graphics integrated. It’s a more than decent CPU for such a laptop and you don’t need more.
It can be connected to the net via wifi N because it has such a card. In my opinion, the best way to connect a device to the Internet is via wireless, but only if you have a router.
Has Windows 10 Home pre-installed meaning you can use it for any (office) task.


The storage is not so big because we’re talking about 32GB of storage on flash. You can use more by connecting an MicroSD (it supports cards up to 128GB) card or by using cloud storage.
The screen is not so big but there’s a 14 inch version. The screen size has a good impact on the weight because for smaller screens the weight is smaller.


I recommend the HKC N13RA-UK for office tasks including documents editing, browsing the web, HD movies etc.
If don’t know about HKC than you should know that it’s a company from Asia that makes good electronics.

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