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Haier HW80-BD14756, Haltys model with A+++ class

Haier HW80-BD14756 is a washing machine from the year 2018 that is great for medium-sized households. It comes from the Haltys series meaning that’s quiet when spinning, has Smart Dosing and other features (that I’ll mention below).

Haier HW80-BD14756, Haltys model with A+++ class


It’s easy to use in the matter of dosage. It has Smart Dosing so that the machine uses automatically the exact amount of liquid detergent. If you’re a person who want to manually dose the detergent than you should know that this is possible.
The motor is one of type Direct Motion, meaning that it’s more durable than conventional ones. And Direct Drive Inverter motors have a longer warranty (usually 10 years or so).
The drum is made of stainless steel so that ht laundry is washed gently.
At this device the specs are maxed out with a spin speed of 1400 rpm, 16 programs, a capacity of 8kg and A+++ energy efficiency class.


Has no Eco Bubble like Samsung machines, but has other features that compensate this. Features like Smart Dosing and a alternative to Fuzzy Logic (it’s named Auto Weight and weights the the load so that the device uses water, time and other resources as efficient as possible.).
Some cons from the people who used it are the lack of sound signal at program end, that the Smart Dosing is not available for normal detergent and the door is too big.


Haier HW80-BD14756 is a white washing machine that integrates great in any household and it has modern features so that you spend less time washing and more time doing what you want.
It is very good for people with allergies because of the Anti-bacterial Technology. This is useful if you have pets or little children.
About the Haier brand you should know that’s a top one and in Germany their products are very popular. They partnered with Whirlpool (number one in the World) for some products because of the good reliability.

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