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Fusion5 Xtra Power4

For those interested in a cheap tablet with a 10.1 inch screen I recommend the Fusion5 Xtra Power4. The 10.1″ screen has almost HD resolution (1024×600 pixel) and a quad core CPU that runs everything fluent.

Fusion5 Xtra Power4

This Fusion5 tablet has a low price and for the money we get a device with great battery life and performance in games.

O the specs side this model has 1GB of RAM, 16 GP of space and a quad core processor. From the specs we see that this tablet is designed for web browsing and games, but it’s not a high-end model like those with 2-3 GB of RAM. (Such a model it the 104A from the same manufacturer.)
You can watch movies on it but tablets are not suitable for movies because of the small screen. It’s better to use a TV for that.


It has a small price and for that we get a gadget with the most important features.
The storage can be expanded with microSD cards up to 32GB. So, if the 16GB memory is not enough for you than you can add a card. (Please keep in mind that half of the 16GB might be available because the rest is used by the OS and the apps.)
The menus can be adjusted for another language (if you make it a gift for someone who does not live in the UK and does not know English).


The Android is not newer. (The tablet might come with Android 4.4.2, but you can upgrade it to Android 5.1.) Some might want to install Android 6 or 7 on it, but I recommend that you stay with what it comes because it’s stable.


This device is for people interested in a cheap tablet with al the tech there is needed. So, it has two cameras, wireless, USB and a good screen, but the cameras are decent (one with 2PM, the other with 1.3MP), and the wireless is type N (not ac).
If you want to buy it for a child that has the age above 6 than this model would be ok.

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