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Fusion5 104A

Fusion5 is a well known brand in the UK and people simply love their tablets. A new affordable model is the Fusion5 104A and it comes with a Mediatek MT8163 CPU that has 4 cores and a Mali GPU. The Operating System is Android 5.1 with Google Play Store support so that you can install apps and games.
This device is for those who want big storage and good processing power (mainly for games).

Fusion5 104A

The 104A has a nice price and for the money we get one of the best budget tablets on the market. This one comes with Android Market/Play Store support so that you can install your games. A cheaper alternative would be the 1043A, but the specs are lower too.

Main specs

The screen of this device Fusion5 104A is very clear because of the 10.1 inch diagonal, the IPS panel (gives great viewing angles) and the HD resolution (1280×800 pixel; this is very good for movies and Netflix streaming).
Games will run smooth because of the 2GB of RAM memory and the quad core CPU. There are CPUs w/ 8 cores but this is only for marketing because Snapdragon 821 (a CPU w/ 4 cores) is the best mobile CPU on the market.
You can use this device as a GPS, but for that you need an app like Waze or Here Maps (HERE WeGo or how it’s called this days). HERE is better because it works offline if you download the UK map.

Why you should choose this device

Beside the built in GPS, bluetooth and fast wireless N this gadget has a fast processor and a lot of RAM memory. The storage is 32GB, but only a part is usable, the rest being used by the data. Another good thing is that the device has a great portability with a weight of 541g and a battery life of about 8 hours.

If you want a tablet for games and online movies than this device should be your choice. It can be used as a GPS, but for that you need the app that I recommended and a power bank or a car charger.

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