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Fusion5 1043A

Fusion5 1043A (also known as Fusion5 A64 because of the Allwinner A64 CPU) is a tablet designed for those who need a device with a big screen. Because of that I think that a 10.1 inch screen is more than enough. It has an IPS screen and the resolution is HD (1280×800 pixel) so that you can see movies without any quality loss.

Fusion5 1043A

This A64 tablet PC from Fusion5 is a very cheap one because it has a good price. For the money we spend on it we get a device that can connect to the Internet in a couple of seconds and has Play Store so that you can download games and apps.

Technical specifications

On the specs side it has an Allwinner A64 CPU with 4 cores, 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage. So, you can see that the specs are decent.
On the software side it has Android 5.1. Many would like 6 or 7, but the manufacturer choose a stable Operating System. Sometimes is better to have a stable device than one withe the newest OS. In my opinion, Android 5.1 (aka Lillipop) is very stable.
For the connection to the Internet you can use the integrated wi-fi, but you also need a router.

Pro and cons

The good things about this gadget are the low price, that it has a good OS (it is new and stable), the presence of a webcam (2MP one) and that it has USB.
A minus is that the memory is not so big (the 104A model has 2GB). It has 16 gigs of space (only about 8 are usable because the rest is used by the apps and OS) but you can use a TF card up to 128 GB.


If you want a family tablet that is not so hard to use than a model like this Fusion 1043A would be very good for you. The battery life is about 5 hours to one day… depending on how often you use it. And, the charging lasts about 2 hours.

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