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Finlux 49UTD297B-P

The Finlux 49UTD297B-P is a TV for those in search for a cheap device that has 4K support, smart OS and a good electric efficiency.
If you want to change your old CRT (cathode ray tube), LCD or plasma screen with a new LED than this model would be very good.

Finlux 49UTD297B-P

It does not cost so much and for the money we get one budget friendly TV that is smart. The energy efficiency class is A+ and we so we can say that this TV is an investment because we save the environment and get the money back from the low energy bills.

On the specs side it has a 49 inch screen (there is a 43 inch model for those with a smaller living room) with 4K resolution (3840×2160) and many ports so that you can connect what device you want to it.
The most important ports are 2 HDMI and 2 USB. At the HDMI you can connect a better audio sistem and and the USB you can connect an HDD or a keyboard (via bluetooth adapter).
It consumes about 71W in on-mode and per year it has 103 kwh (if it operates 4 hours per day).

The warranty of this television is 1 year and I think that it’s good. In my opinion the reliability of 49UTD297B-P is very good because ot os a TV that will last even 10 years.

Good and bad things

Good things are that it can be wall mounted (Vesa standard 200×200), it comes with Netflix 4k and the built quality. It comes with the most useful apps like Youtube and Netflix.
It has no HDR, but this is not such a bad thing considering the small price.

Final thoughts

If you don’t know many things about the brand Finlux than you could know that ist is owned by the Vestel (Turkish manufacturer).
Turks make good electro products and another good manufacturer is Beko. I’m sure that you or one of your friends owned products from Beko and saw that they are a premium brand.
The Finlux brand was established in 1964 and you can see that it did not appear overnight.

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