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Finlux 43UTD297B-P

For those interested in a smart TV that has a big screen and does not cost too much I recommend the Finlux 43UTD297B-P. It has a 4K resolution and the smart OS is with Netflix app and many more. A TV like this can be used for Freeview, movies from the web and browsing the net.

Finlux 43UTD297B-P

This TV has a good price. The software is very advanced because it supports Freeview Play, Netflix, Youtube, Facebook and many more. You can see from the below picture how it looks like. If you don’t like how the stand is looking than it can be mounted on a wall via an wall mount bracket.


The 43UTD297B-P model has many ports including 2 HDMIs, 2 USBs and 1 Scart. The HDMI can be used for connecting a laptop or a video camera and the USB is a port for viewing content from a USB drive or external HDD.
Other cheap TVs don’t have a too good sound but this model has DTS so that you can hear sound from any file and any transmission.
The energy efficiency class is very good because it’s A+ and this means 78 kWh per year (if you use it 4 hours per day for 365 days).
It’s easy to use. Basically if you used a smartphone before than you will have no problem using this TV.
The connection to the Internet can be done via wire or wireless (it has integrated wi-fi).
The 4k (3840×2160 pixel) resolution is the new standard and many movies come in this resolution (also the ones from stream… like Netflix)


It does not have Amazon Instant Video, but you can attach a Fire stick.
The Operating System is a basic one with pre-installed apps. It’s kind of similar to Android but easier to use.


For those interested in a cheap TV with all the smart stuff included in the new devices I recommend this model Finlux 43UTD297B-P.
If for some reason the screen is too small for you than you should go with the 49 inch model 49UTD297B-P.

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